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As individuals get older, loneliness is something many experience. Whether you are single or have a partner, a dog or cat person, pets are wonderful companions during your golden years. Not only are they great to have along your side for making memories, but they can also provide many health benefits.


As we progress in our life, exercise can be a hassle. Having a furry friend that depends on you holds you accountable and gives you company for walks through your neighborhood.

Reduce Stress

Recent studies have found that having a pet may reduce stress by increasing the levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin while also decreasing production of the stress hormone cortisol.Whether it’s their wagging tale or enthusiastic greetings at the door, having a precious pup can turn any frown upside down.

Getting Out and About

Sometimes we lack the energy or drive to get out of our house, or even our bed. However, pets help you stay moving. Going to the groomers, dog park, and vet are just a few opportunities to promote an active lifestyle.


Having a cute pet by your side is a great conversation starter. There are many opportunities for pet owners to connect with others and form friendships. Simply visit a dog park and see how the conversations spark.

Spark a Hobby

As you grow older, it’s important to gain hobbies that can keep your mind engaged. With a pet, you can research different breeds, teach your pet tricks, or go to obedience classes with your furry friend. All these options give you the opportunity to learn and grow, as well as develop a relationship with your pet and others in the community.

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